Understanding Inclusivity 

Creggs Rugby Club considers the benefits of being inclusive as:– Increased membership of our club

-Increase in the number of players, volunteers and administrators, who can help contribute to the success and running of the club

– Increase in the skills and abilities within the club

– Increased understanding and experience of diversity

– A richer club environment in which members appreciate and learn from each other’s backgrounds and experiences, which will particularly benefit junior teams

– Increased chance of sponsorship from companies with diverse management or consumer base

– Strengthening of the community as a whole by encouraging everyone to contribute to building a stronger society.

Common barriers faced by:Ethnic minorities:

– Being a minority and feeling different to the rest

– Not feeling welcome

– Not feeling comfortable to ask questions

– Difficulties with committing to ongoing structured sporting activities, due to family and community commitments

– Negative experiences during life that affects their ability to trust, engage and participate fully in society

– Difficulties with the payment of fees, purchase of sports equipment and access to transport.Immigrants:

– English as a second language

– Difficulties with the payment of fees, purchase of sports equipment and access to transport.

– Difficulties understanding the concept of structured sporting activities after a lifetime of living in countries without structured, community-based sporting opportunities.

– Memories of torture, trauma and extreme violence that affects the ability to trust, engage and participate fully in society.

– Difficulties engaging with mainstream residents, some of whom react negatively to perceived cultural differences.

– Lack of family or parental support due to ongoing challenges and pressures of resettlement.Persons with disabilities:

– Assumptions about a person’s abilities, with people afraid to ask if help required

– Unsafe, and inaccessible environments (steps, space, etc.)

– Too many physical activities, that don’t allow open participation

– Limited supporting facilities (such as toilets or changing rooms)

– Limited signage or inclusive publication material

– Lack of interpreter services.

Our plan to make our Club accessible:

– Making it easier to join our club

– Making it easier to find out about our club

– Making our signage easier to read

– Members will be available and willing to help people fill out the membership forms if they have difficulties reading English

– Existing members and staff are and will be friendly and open to new members

– Existing members and staff do and will offer advice and support

– Our Equality and Diversity officer will hold an induction for new members

– Our Equality and Diversity Officer will organise a buddy system for new members

– The Club will encourage membership from marginalised groups via local media and on our websiteCreggs Rugby Club:

– Is open to everyone- Provides participation opportunities for males and females alike

– Provides appropriate facilities, such as private change rooms for women

– Treats everyone fairly and equally, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background

– Has an anti-discrimination policy so that any forms of discrimination and/or racism can be addressed quickly.How can club members make a difference?

– Provide a welcoming environment

– Befriend new members

– Offer support and advice

– Be sensitive to diversity

– Make a stand against discrimination or racial harassment

– Offer help with transport

– Share sports equipment

– Help new members learn the rules

– Be aware that people who speak English as their first language tend to speak quickly, which may be difficult for a person learning English to comprehend. Try to speak clearly and avoid slang, but don’t speak with a false accent, shout, or talk slowly.

– Take time to develop relationships

– Be open and honest. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is okay to ask a person questions about where they have come from; what sports they like playing etc.

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