munity Club with vision, drive, and openness to inclusivity
Creggs Rugby Club was formed in 1974 and, while physically located in Creggs, Co. Galway, much of its hinterland is in Co Roscommon. Over the last 50 years (50th Anniversary this year) we are arguably the top Junior Rugby Club in Connacht, and have developed fabulous facilities. They exceed any parameters regarding inclusivity and social inclusion, and include the following:
 3 grass pitches and 1 all weather pitch; 950m walkway fully lit and tarred, totally wheelchair accessible; Gymnasium with IFI accredited equipment; Dressing rooms, with individual shower-part changing cubicles off each, specifically catering for female needs with wheelchair accessible cubicles also included; A “Changing Places” room and 2 Disability Toilets; A “Sensory Room”;  A fully equipped Community Room.
We are a Community Club with vision, drive, and openness to inclusivity made up of members and volunteers proud to be associated with that sentiment.

‘Changing Places’ – Creggs RFC Leading The Way

Creggs Rugby Club was assisted in the completion and purchase of equipment for our “Changing Places” room within our new Dressing Rooms/ Gymnasium/ Community Room facility. 

Our Club prides itself in its inclusivity and facilitation of individuals with disability.

The incorporation of the “Changing Places” room into the design of our new facility encapsulates the vision and foresight of our Club and also significantly heightens awareness of members and visitors to the needs of an often forgotten segment of our Community. The funding insured that the room could be completed in a timely and appropriate manner.

Changing Places rooms are growing in number nationwide, and we believe that we are the first Club to provide such a facility on its grounds. This will impact positively on other clubs and organisations, who will consider the inclusion of such an important facilty in future developments they embark on. 

Individuals and carers who of necessity require the use of such a facility will  see Creggs Rugby Club on the list of “Changing Places” rooms and can be assured that access will be available to them at all times.

Our facility also incorporates a “Sensory Room”, a connecting lift shaft to the first floor, a disability toilet on each floor, and IFI accredited equipment in our gym. 

Ability West, a regional service provider uses part of our Creggs RFC complex to provide a day service to individuals with disabilities for the last number of years. They can also use our walkways which are all wheelchair friendly and fully lit. 

Creggs Rugby Club Community Walkway – A Great Success

The planning, design, funding, and ultimate construction of our walkway took a significant amount of time and effort by a small sub-committee within the club. 

Trees had to be removed, fences had to be moved and pitch alignments adjusted accordingly, provision had to be made for lighting. Quotations were sought. 

Applications for funding were made, which were generously responded to by Galway Rural Development. Our club approval was sought and unanimously approved for the arising shortfall. 

Contracts were awarded. Construction commenced in mid winter in the middle of a busy playing season. All works were completed to an exceptionally high standard within a very short timeframe. 

Our acclaimed 950m walkway fully lit and tarred, totally wheelchair accessible. Our thanks again to Galway Rural Development for their funding of this valued project.

The great success of our Community Walkway around our Creggs Rugby Club grounds has encouraged us to develop other facilities for the wider community in Galway and Roscommon. We are delighted to be associated with a facility that provides a safe walk (near a kilometre long) for the wider community. 

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